Why should you buy your eyeglasses from us

At Frameless Eyeglasses, we have made a paradigm shift, a complete, revolutionary change to the level of quality offered in the frameless glass and lens market over the web. Read on to understand our competitiveness.

Understanding CR lens quality

When you buy frameless glasses or lenses, you must understand that the quality of the lens defines the quality of your glasses. There are older version CR lenses and newer versions of lenses, with a world of difference between them.

Lenses used at Frameless Eyeglasses

At Frameless Eyeglasses, we only use lenses with an index of 1.6 or 1.67 as our basic offer. You will enjoy the absolute latest in thin, strong and extremely light lenses.

CR lenses used by our competition

Our competitors, especially those who seem to sell cheap frameless glasses, are still using CR lenses with a 1.5 index. Outdated, heavy and easily breakable!


1.6+ Index Lenses Used at Frameless Eyeglasses are up to 50% stronger, thinner, lighter and more durable than 1.5 Index CR Lenses used by our competition.


Frameless Eyeglasses ONLY uses Lenses with 1.6+ Index!

  • Our 1.6+ Index Lenses come with an exclusive lifetime warranty* Revolutionary in our industry!
  • Our lenses and coating are made with state of the art manufacturing standards, using top technology and production processes that are TUV and FDA certified.
  • Our Multifocal lenses are made, coated and certified in advanced manufacturing facilities in West Germany.

* Please note that forcefully inflicted damages, caused by the user, are not covered by lifetime warranty


If you need frameless glasses that are light, stylish, strong and also capable of giving you the assurance of an iron-clad lifetime warranty, WE, at Frameless Eyeglasses, are the perfect fit for you!