Frameless Reading Glasses

Why must you choose a custom-made reading glass over a pre-fabricated reading glasses?

If you are someone who has been using readymade reading glasses, we request you to read through this entire post as we are just about to reveal some information that concerns the quality of your eye sight, care for your eyes and your general health as well.

First of all, yes, readymade reading glasses are very affordable, available in a wide range of colors, styles and themes and also easily procurable. All those benefits are great but what you have to understand is that you are making a tradeoff when you purchase readymade reading glasses, a rather risky tradeoff we might add!

The cons of wearing readymade reading glasses

 • There’s almost a 99% chance that a pair of readymade reading glasses is not an exact match for your eyes

 • Readymade glasses carry the same prescription in both lenses although no two human eyes in a pair have the same exact prescription

 • Everyone has a different optical center, an optical center that just might not be the same in the readymade reading glasses that you picked up off a shelf

 • Readymade glasses do not accommodate for astigmatism correction, a correction that is needed in 90%+ of all eyeglasses wearers in the world

 • Readymade reading glasses are not designed to let you read text on a computer screen

 • Readymade reading glasses can cause headaches, eye strain and even nausea

 • Readymade reading glasses can result in a gradual but slow and sure deterioration of eye health & performance

 • Readymade glasses, with their universal one size fits all designs might provide an annoying or even sometimes painful fit

 • Readymade glass lenses often carry defects on the lenses, defects like bubbles and waves


A custom reading glass on the other hand, like custom rimless reading glasses at Frameless Eyeglasses, negate all the problems mentioned above, giving you glasses that are an exact match with your eyes and your eyes only.

When you order custom reading glasses at Frameless Eyeglasses, you will receive a pair of glasses that will provide you with a 100% custom fit and 100% prescription compatibility check, giving you glasses that let you feel the closest to being able to read or see without glasses, like were the case if you had perfectly healthy eyes.