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Thank you for visiting Frameless EyeglassesWe are the foremost online retail store where you can acquire information on eyeglasses and other related products. We provide you with the information which will assist consumers like you make the most satisfying and cost effective purchasing decision. It is our intention that "you" or (any person with the intention of purchasing our products) to have a user friendly and satisfying experience on our website. In order to achieve this objective, we have formed these General Terms and Conditions so that you can familiarize yourself on our policies which are related to purchases and post purchase(s).

You must agree to our General Terms and Conditions before making any purchase(s) on our website. You will accomplish this by clicking the check box on the order page that indicates you agree to our Terms and Conditions. If you don’t agree with our terms and conditions, you will not be able to utilize or use our website and/or/to purchase any products or services through our website. There might be situations in which modifications to these Terms and Conditions or the website or explicit policies and circumstances of the Site and sales that transpire from the website with Frameless Eyeglasses, therefore, it is your duty to read and evaluate our Terms and Conditions upon each interaction on our website, this will ensure that you completely understand the rules and regulations which govern the usage of our website as well as the purchase(s) made on this website and post-purchase protocols. Your continued access and or use of this website Site shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any changes to the Terms and Conditions.

Customer obligations

When using our website, you agree to: provide accurate and complete personal information as required on the order page ("Account Information") and update your personal information when applicable to keep the Account Information up to date, accurate and complete. If you provide information that is false and misleading and is not current or incomplete, or we have plausible suspicions that such information is inaccurate, invalid incomplete or untrue, then we hold the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse service or suspend all current and future use of our website, which includes, but is not limited to, sales resulting from our website. In this case, all your personal information, which you have entered on our website, will become property of Frameless Eyeglasses However; your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party. Your account information is subject to our Privacy Policy which can be read on our website. Please read our Privacy Policy to understand our policy on privacy protection.

Customer conduct:

Under our terms and conditions you are forbidden to engage in any activities which may restrict the activities of other users on this website. This includes but is not limited to, harassing, threatening, cursing, making vulgar remarks, sexual remarks, racial remarks or any other inappropriate conduct that constitutes to a criminal offense, or violates state or federal law, may cause civil liability or violates international or national law of country of physical presence. Tampering with our website, without the permission of the administrator is against the U.S. copyright law and we will pursue all legal avenues in order to prosecute the offender to the maximum extend. You agree not to remake, make copiesor make use of for any purposes, any page or section of the website, or access try our websiteexceptyou first obtain our express written consent making in permissible for you to do so. You agree not to access our website by any other means, except through the already existing user interface that is provided to you by us for use in accessing this website.

Product descriptions:

Keep in mind that we have made all efforts to add as many details to our products in regards, to color, dimensions, size, texture. How you visualize our products may depend on your monitors specification/settings. Therefore, we are not liable for any inconsistencies in color or texture that is displayed on your monitor; moreover, we do not guarantee that our products would be 100% accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. However, if the product you had received is a completely different product than what you have ordered, you may wish to return it with the entire contents that came with the product, which is in accordance to our sites policy.


You agree and certify that the prescription lenses you have order on our website are accurate and a valid prescription. Therefore, by placing an order for prescription lenses, you present the information entered on our website to be accurate, correct and true. Moreover, the prescription you have ordered on our website exactly matches the prescription written by your doctor. You agree to order your prescription according to your doctor’s suggested regimen. You agree and understand that Frameless Eyeglasses will not be able to guarantee your order, as the following terms set forth below unless you posses a valid prescription. You also agree that Glasses worldwide has the authority to contact your doctor or eye care practitioner to verify your prescription information or any other concerns regarding your prescription.

When you are initially fitted with prescription glasses by an eye care professional, you should receive a prescription of your pupillary distance.

You need to understand that prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses may or can be different. Therefore, you would be ordering the parameters for your corrective eyeglasses and not for contact lenses. . When you enter your prescription information you will be personally liable to enter it accurately, including but is not limited to the pupillary distance (PD), shall you fail to enter your (PD). Frameless Eyeglasses will presume an average PD and use that, but in doing so, you agree that you surrender all rights of return for a full refund and will only be granted store credit or an exchange in which is in accordance with preceding rules should the prescription be deemed faulty or inaccurate.

Coupons and discounts

Frameless Eyeglasses objective is to keep their prices affordable and competitive for their customers. We often distribute coupons and coupons codes to various different channels. Our administrative system will not allow one to combine coupons and coupon codes. As Frameless Eyeglasses can offer 100% store credit as an option in the process of returning a product. Therefore, you will not be authorized coupons or coupon codes in conjunction with store credit.

E-coupon card

The term "E-gift card” will be a reference word for any code that is sent virtually via email to a recipient. Purchases that exceed the balance of the e-gift card will have to be paid by credit card. On the other hand, purchases that do not exceed the credit limit of e-gift card will result in an issuance of store credit which will be added to the recipient’s account, which the recipient can utilize for future purchases.

No refund or returns are allowed for the actual purchase of "e-gift card” however, any purchases made using "e-gift card” is subject to our subject to our return policy.

Cancellation and Order Changes

Majority of the orders placed on are processed within the first 12 hours, after processing the essential information. Therefore, we are unable to accept cancellations of orders. Nevertheless, if you wish to change or modify your order, you may do so before the shipment process begins, keep in mind that this will be counted against your one time exchange of product.

Order Production and Processing

Usually your order will begin no later than 24 hours after you place the order. Sometimes delays in orders can result due to insufficient information provided by the customer. Delays may also arise in production, if we have some concerns or queries related to your prescription(s). In case the production is delay, the customer is usually notified.

In a situation in which a Buy One Get One discount code was utilized at the time of the purchase, and both pairs of spectacles were returned, Frameless Eyeglasses will only honor 100% Store Credit equivalent of the full amount paid. In a situation where only one pair of glasses is being returned, Frameless Eyeglasses will gladly exchange that item for another item. In a situation where you have received a defective or deformed product, Frameless Eyeglasses will replace or refund your purchase.

Shipment and Delivery

Deliveries from are available for any orders placed on Frameless Eyeglasses this service will be available for both local and international customers. Most shipments can take 3-5 days for domestic customers, however, orders involving progressive or transition lenses can take longer. Most of the time the product is delivered within 10 business days, however, in some cases shipment could take up to 30 days.

Once glasses are shipped from a Frameless Eyeglasses facility, it is no longer the liability of Frameless Eyeglasses. Delays in shipment can result from issue within the shipment company, and Frameless Eyeglasses is not liable for the shipping company or any shipment delays that may result.

Shipping delays

It is important that you enter your address correctly and accurately, as our website is not optimized to correct your mistakes or is dynamic enough to detect inaccurate zip codes and addresses. If your shipment is supposed to arrive at a commercial address, such as an office, you should make the order in the care of the company’s name. Keep in mind the postal companies do not recognize individuals in care of personal names, in a commercial building/office. Failure to follow these instructions will cause added expense on your behalf and delays in shipment. Frameless Eyeglasses won’t refund or exchange goods that were shipped to an address that was missing information as a result making them undeliverable.

Attention: Orders of glasses on average usually take 3-5 business days for processing before shipment. Processing times can take longer if any additions were requested on to the lenses such as, but is not limited to, anti-reflective coatings and tints. Additionally, progressive and bifocal lenses may take longer to process. Upgrading your shipment does not deduce overnight delivery. Keep in mind that Shipment time-frames are based on estimates and don’t include processing days needed to complete a pair of glasses.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you can trust Frameless Eyeglasses to ship you high quality, authentic designer or private label glasses at affordable prices. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your pair of glasses, Frameless Eyeglasses would gladly fix, or replace your glasses with glasses of same or lesser value at no charge to you. However, this will count as you allowed one time exchange offer. To qualify under our satisfaction guarantee policy, you can write to us via email, or contact one of our customer support specialist within 10 days of your purchase receipt and must return your glasses to Frameless Eyeglassesreturn department within 30 days after receiving your package. Frameless Eyeglasses will gladly pay the shipping fee, which is included in your one time exchange offer of your original order. Keep in mind that, you are liable to provide shipping for the return of the original package to Frameless Eyeglasses with exceptions being (a) there’s a defect or flaw; (b)Frameless Eyeglasses made an error of sending a incorrect prescription (c) Frameless Eyeglasses made an error is sending the wrong item. In these circumstances, Frameless Eyeglasses will pay shipping and handling costs back to our facilities. To start the returns process, please contact customer service at so that you can receive your authorization number.

We will not accept returns of the original item and its accessories, such as cloths, cleaners etc, if they are not in their original merchantable condition when they were shipped, or if the original product and its accessories are not shipped with the 30 days time period. In the case of defective lenses please get in touch with us As soon as possible. If the lenses are found to have a manufacturing defect, we will issue you a return or you may exchange it for another product.

Return Policy

We can issue you a full refund under the following circumstances:

  1.      The item you ordered was the wrong item shipped to you resulting in a fault by Frameless Eyeglasses
  2.      The prescription you ordered was the wrong prescription sent to you resulting in fault by Frameless Eyeglasses
  3.      The product you ordered was defective.

We offer you our guarantee that all of our products are shipped in their original and new condition. Should the product you receive becomes damaged during the shipment process, and should you had purchased shipping insurance, Frameless Eyeglasses would fix, or replace those glasses at no cost to you, except for costs related to shipping and handling.

For instances other than listed above,Frameless Eyeglasses authorized employees are authorized to refund no more than 50% of the purchase price. Or issue store credit at 100% value of the item. This store credit will be valid up to six months from the date of issuance.

In such instance such as this, Frameless Eyeglasses will make all possible effort to speed up the production and delivery of the replacement glasses and is bound to the terms set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

In the case of a store discount being issued at 100% of the purchase price, Frameless Eyeglasses will not accept discount codes in combination with store credit.

Refunds will be inadequate to the maximum price of the original order, together with delivery charges and will only be issued to the identical method of payment used to order the product (credit or debit card, PayPal, etc.). We hold back the right to refuse to give a refund (or continuance of a Return: switch products, store credit, etc.) if the goods is not returned to Frameless Eyeglasses’s return department, 954 Lexington Avenue, Suite 537 , New York, NY 10021-5013 in agreement with the return policy. No settlement will be made until corroboration of receipt of the damaged product is established Frameless Eyeglasses’s return department and confirmed by a known shipping carrier (i.e. DHL, UPS, Federal Express, etc.

In a case in which a buy one get one code was utilized during a transaction, Frameless Eyeglasses will only exchange one item, or 100% of full store credit equal to the amount paid. If the

Shipping and Payment

When you initially place your order, you have the option of which shipping method to choose from. Priority shipping can take up to up to 14 business days, from the date of the shipment. For faster delivery you can choose the expedited delivery which can deliver your package within approximately 5 business days from the date of shipping. Delays resulting from the shipping company’s end will not result in refund of shipping cost.

All shipments include a protective eyeglass case, and a cleaning cloth. Along with the eyeglasses you must also include the preceding accessories in case your are returning the product.

Warranty – Please visit our warranty policy

Limitation of liability:

We do not hold liability for any damages, which may arise as from an outside source, and are not related to the purchase of the goods or services of . We do not provide liability for customers who provide us with in accurate prescription information, which is not suited for their condition. We do not accept prescriptions that are 2 or more years old. Therefore, we discourage our customers from using eyeglass prescription that is not prescribed to them.

Copyright and intellectual property:

Frameless Eyeglasses, the Frameless Eyeglasses logo, and and all other related graphics and service terms are property of Frameless Eyeglasses.

Frameless Eyeglasses assets may not be utilized for the transaction or sponsorship of any third-party products or services or in any approach that disparages or discredits Frameless Eyeglasses. All other brands and names (including third-party product names) are the possessions of their respective owners. Usage of the name Frameless Eyeglasses,, the Frameless Eyeglasses logo or any other graphics or services on any site must be granted by Frameless Eyeglasses.

Other rights:

Frameless Eyeglasses has the authority to monitor its site electronically and it is our sole discretion to disclose any data/communication of any type.

We hold the authority to disable or terminate your account without notice, for any conduct that we believe is against our terms and conditions, or is a hindrance and harmful to another user, against a third party, to us, and or is against the law.

Although customer service is our main priority and is the core theme of our business, we may deny you service, and can deny you from purchasing any product on our website, if we deemed that your intention is to re-sell those product(s). Moreover, we reserve the right to limit the quantities of purchases.

Termination of terms:

These terms are effective until they are terminated by either party without any prior written notice. If you do not agree with out terms and conditions, then you must stop using and or visiting this website. We reserve the right to deny and or suspend your service on this website at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate your usage of this website without any notice. Therefore, you agree that any termination of your access to this website will implement without any notice. You agree that we may delete and deactivate your account with all related files related to your transaction(s) and can bar you from accessing or making transactions on our website. Finally you shall agree that we are not liable for you or any third-party for any termination of your access on our website.

Applicable Law:

We make no representation as to whether the content on this website in appropriate or is available for utilization in other locations and access our website from countries where our content is considered illegal or inappropriate. Those who access our website from other locations do so at their own discretion and are responsible for their compliance with the applicable law in their respective country. You are prohibited from using or exporting our content which is prohibited under U.S. Export laws and regulations. Any claim linking to the Site, the services provided throughout the website or the Content (a "Claim") shall be heard in court in the state of New Jersey and may be applicable in a U.S federal court. Therefore, you automatically agree that your claim will be subject to law of the state of New Jersey. You thereby agree that any decision rendered by the court will be in standing and will be forced upon you in other jurisdictions.

You agree to the fact that our website contains information, proprietary rights, videos, pictures, text, typefaces and other materials which are valid are protected in all circumstances. This includes media currently in existence and hereinafter developed. All of our content is protect under the U.S. copywriter laws, and we have the ownership right to materials arrangement, selection, coordination and enhancement of such content. You are forbidden to augment, modify, enhance, delete, publish, add, transmit and participate in the transfer or sell our creative works or any shape or form exploit our content in whole or in part.

If there are no restrictions placed on the content, you may make copies of that specific content for personal use only and not for commercial use. However, you are forbidden from altering or modifying the content in any way. You shall maintain the content in its original form with its trademark legends, notices and its proprietary rights notices. Except for the restrictions mentioned above, as permissible under the U.S. fair use act (17 U.S.C. Section 107) you are forbidden from uploading, posting, reproducing or distributing protected material in any way without the consent of the owner of those materials. In addition to the preceding restrictions any use of software(s) shall be governed by the software licensing agreement.

Intellectual property policy:

It’s a proven fact that duplicating can bring harm to the rightful owners of IP rights, therefore we drafted our own IP Policy: You are not allowed to breach any intellectual property rights related with the construct, blueprint, branding and casing of any products advertised on our website nor make any changes to the products, unless it is specified that you can do so. The use of this website does not constitute that you use our and our partners trademarks, these trademarks are the following but are not only to the following Frameless Eyeglasses. All content, designs, text, graphics, software compilations, underlying source codes, and other graphic arrangements together with the compilation (meaning the collection, arrangement and assembly) of all content on our website are the copyright of us or our licensors, where applicable. Permission granted to users in limited to downloading and printing one copy of the Site for their own personal, non-commercial, use. Any other use of the Site including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display or performance of the content of the Site without prior written consent from us is strictly prohibited. Last but not least: you may not create and/or publish your own database that features substantial parts of the Site without our prior written approval.

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